I Had No Idea I Was About To Become A Heart Mum… Sami Glastonbury’s Story

At Sami’s 21-week scan, she was told her unborn baby had a heart condition. In that moment, life changed forever.

In this episode, Sami bravely opens up about losing parts of her identity after becoming a heart mum. She talks about what it’s like entering the extreme caregiver role and the sacrifices she made as a result, like missing some of her other children’s milestones, and hitting pause on her career for a time.

Frank is now eight years old. Frank also has some vision impairment and an intellectual disability. Sami talks about what it has been like navigating schooling with a child with special needs, and how to find the right support for your family.

Sami will also be joining the podcast as a new co-host in 2023! As a heart mum, Sami brings a new perspective to our conversations this year.

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