10,000 Steps website and app focus group

This initiative is aimed at enhancing the 10,000 Steps website and app for children and families. Families and individuals are invited to participate in a series of focus groups to share your feedback on how the 10,000 Steps website and app can be improved. This collaboration will identify necessary adjustments to make digital platforms more engaging and supportive for families striving to be more active.

The researchers are particularly looking for families who feel they aren’t quite meeting their physical activity goals—whether it’s the parents, children, or both. Your insights are crucial in developing ways to make the 10,000 Steps program more accessible and enjoyable for families like yours.


  • Lead Researcher: Dr. Stephanie Schoeppe, Central Queensland University
  • Location: QLD
  • Participation Request: Queensland families and individuals impacted by CoHD to participate in a focus group study.

Click here to register your interest to participate.

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