Siblings – Can you help us design a new research study?

This study will provide the first vital insights into what the hospital visiting experience is like for families: the siblings, their parents or guardians, their extended family members, and the healthcare staff who work with them in the PICU. Findings will help researchers begin to identify how siblings and families can be better supported. In addition, the findings will help to inform the co-development of an evidence-based resource to support sibling inclusion and family togetherness in the PICU, which will eventually have significant implications for supporting HeartKids families during an PICU admission. 


  • Lead Researcher: Dr. Ashleigh E Butler, La Trobe University
  • Location: Victoria. Meeting in person or via Zoom.
  • Participation Request: Children and young people (aged 5 -18 years) who have visited a brother or sister in PICU in the last 5 years. Primarily researchers would like to connect with siblings in Victoria to work with them in person but could also work via zoom or email with interested siblings from around Australia.  

To register your interest in participating, email Ashleigh at

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