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Easily manage your health with UpBeat, an app designed with help from young people with heart conditions. It’s your go-to for tracking your health, appointments, and important contacts. Plus, find resources for transitioning to adult healthcare and connecting with teen events and support groups—all in one convenient app.


UpBeat is designed for young people who are starting to manage their lives and health care more independently.

The key features of UpBeat are:

  • Medical Summary – Organise your key health information, including medication details, care team contacts and appointment notes
  • Documents – Store all your important files in one place. Take photos of letters, referrals, test results or forms and store it in UpBeat for safe-keeping
  • InfoHub – Learn about your condition, what happens during transition and how to find support services and link up with peer networks

How to use UpBeat

UpBeat is a handy tool for teens taking control of their health journey. We suggest giving it a try when your parents or healthcare team talk about shifting to adult healthcare. Start by downloading UpBeat from the app store on your phone. Then, follow the steps to enter your information. It’s a good idea to ask your parents or caregivers for help setting up your account, so they can share important details directly with you!

Once your account is all set with your info, make sure to keep it updated. Remember to use it during your next healthcare appointment to jot down notes, save documents, or note questions for your next check-up! We hope you find it useful!

For Health Professionals

Upbeat Promotional Resources

Healthcare professionals, we encourage you to introduce your young patients to UpBeat, a valuable tool designed to keep them engaged with their healthcare journey. UpBeat aligns with key initiatives outlined in the National Strategic Action Plan for Childhood Heart Disease, particularly in supporting young individuals transitioning from pediatric to adult care. By recommending UpBeat, you empower your patients to stay connected with their health information and appointments, fostering greater independence and empowerment in managing their healthcare. Please find some resources adjacent to promote this useful tool!


How is the information I upload onto UpBeat stored?

All information in UpBeat is stored locally on your phone, rather than on an external server. This means that HeartKids (or any other third party) does not store, and cannot access, any of the information or documents you upload to UpBeat.

How is my privacy protected?

As your information and documents are stored locally on your phone, protecting your privacy is mainly about keeping your phone secure.

If you don’t want anyone to see the information you have stored on UpBeat, ensure you are using adequate security settings on your phone or device. This could be a passcode, fingerprint or face identification login.

What personal information or data does UpBeat collect about me?

When you first get started on UpBeat, you’ll be asked for a name and date of birth. UpBeat asks for a name so that it knows what to call you while you are using the app – you can put a nickname here if you prefer. This information is just so we can personalise your experience on UpBeat. HeartKids does not store this information or use it for other purposes.

What happens to my information when I delete Upbeat?

As the information was only ever stored locally on your phone, deleting UpBeat will not impact your privacy. If you would like a copy of the photos and files you have stored, make sure you save them to your phone before deleting UpBeat.

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