Kylie Houlihan

Kylie Houlihan

HeartKids Limited Board Member

Kylie Houlihan, BPhty (Hons), is an experienced health care executive and clinician with over 25 years’ experience driving strategic innovation and transformative change in national and global health service delivery across government and industry.

Her expertise in bridging operational and strategic priorities across all levels within Australia's health ecosystem, coupled with her ability to unite and mobilise diverse stakeholders, has seen Kylie successfully forge strong partnerships and linkages to co-design human-centered solutions that address unmet needs in areas of chronic disease, heart health, aging, and regional, rural, and remote healthcare all complex, sensitive and high profile.

Kylie is committed to integrating the biopsychosocial determinants of health across the continuum and is driven by inspiring human stories, shared purposes and the fusion of human ingenuity and digital innovation.

Kylie has been at the forefront of developing pioneering services such as MeCare and Core by integratedliving, which have attracted significant investment and helped shape government policy, best practice guidelines, and the scaling of proven models through proofs of concept and quality and safety assurances. Her advisory work has supported national and state-based bodies in service and business model redesign, contributing to significant healthcare frameworks, models of care and strategic reform initiatives.

Kylie has held leadership positions with private and public sector leaders including integratedliving Australia, Biofourmis, Philips Healthcare, Queensland Government, and Ernst and Young. Her roles have included Chief Health Transformation Officer, Head of Clinical Affairs, Head of Health Transformation Australia and New Zealand, Director of Integrated Health and Social Services, and Associate Director of Health and Aged Care.

As a non-executive director of HeartKids Australia, Kylie applies her expertise in human-centred design and service model innovation, strategic partnerships, industry-based research and development and digital health innovation to help propel the organisation's mission forward, ensuring those impacted by Childhood-onset Heart Disease receive optimal care and support to live well.

Kylie’s unwavering dedication to crafting sustainable, integrated and measurable health services and business models underscores her commitment to improving and at times challenging conventional practices, to better meet evolving healthcare needs and expectations.

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