About Us

HeartKids is a registered Health Charity dedicated to providing support to families of children with heart disease, be it congenital (born with) or acquired. We have also partnered with leading cardiologists and researchers and are working to provide funding for them to assist in reducing the incidence of Childhood Heart Disease and to reduce the mortality rates currently being experienced.


How We Started

We started as a voluntary group of parents and individuals dealing with, and concerned about, the day to day realities of raising and caring for children with cardiac conditions and, sometimes, dealing with the loss of a child due to their congenital heart defect. We have grown to an organisation of some strength, with a presence in every state of Australia, as well as a National body – HeartKids Australia.

What We Do

Our members offer their support to other families who are in crisis, providing opportunities to share common anxieties and challenges. We arrange, where possible, to meet with other families affected by the impact of life with a child with a cardiac condition and to create a ‘network of support’ for all families.

HeartKids has regional representatives who offer their time to arrange coffee mornings and special activities in order to support families with a child with CHD. Telephone support is also offered. Our aim in this area is to ensure that parents aren’t struggling alone. Please contact HeartKids in your state for support or to join these groups.

Over the years, HeartKids, with the help of members, sponsors and friends, has been able to help children’s hospitals and researchers by way of donations of money, equipment and research grants.

Keep In Contact

HeartKids produces a series of state-based newsletters which update and inform our members on patient progress; special ‘heart family’ activities; government policy information; relevant  news as well as upcoming events and much much more. HeartKids newsletters help keep our geographically diverse membership aware and ‘close’. Download some of the latest newsletters from our states or contact your local heartKids to become a member.

Our sponsors

Without our supporters we would not be able to do the important work that we do for our HeartKids and their families. We would like to thank our following sponsors for their ongoing support.

For a full list of our sponsors please click here.

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