HeartKids CoHD Explained

Produced by HeartKids, the CoHD Explained series is a clear, concise and enlightening introduction to navigating CoHD through many phases of life. This series has been designed for individuals and families living with CoHD, as well as healthcare professionals.

CoHD Explained: Essential insights into Childhood-onset Heart Disease

Join experienced medical professionals as they take you through essential information about navigating life with CoHD.

CoHD Explained dives into information about diagnosis, transition, mental health, pregnancy and surgery and is a must-watch for families and individuals living with CoHD. We hope you enjoy this insightful series.

Healthcare professionals: Click here for CoHD Explains for Clinicians.

Episode 1

Heart conditions in infants and children

Join Dr. Lucas Eastaugh, Paediatric Cardiologist, in this insightful edition of CoHD Explained as he discusses childhood-onset heart disease in infants and children. Gain essential insights into what to expect and be aware of in ongoing healthcare for children with CoHD. 

Episode 2

What is Congenital Heart Disease?

In this video, Dr. Eastaugh sheds light on the basics of CHD, common forms, and examples, providing valuable insights for both patients and caregivers alike. Discover the causes behind CHD and gain a deeper understanding of this condition.

Episode 3

Contraception, Parenthood, and Pregnancy

Join Associate Professor Dominica Zetner, an esteemed Adult Congenital Heart Disease (ACHD) Cardiologist, as she provides expert insights into contraception, parenthood, and pregnancy for those impacted by CHD.

Episode 4

Open heart surgery

Join Dr. Stephanie Perrier, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon at the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, as she provides an overview of what to expect with open heart surgery for individuals and families impacted by Childhood-onset Heart Disease. 

Episode 5

 Managing your mental health

Join Dr. Rosemary Higgins, Health Psychologist, as she delves into the vital topic of Mental Health in the context of Childhood-onset Heart Disease (CoHD). In this video, Dr. Higgins provides valuable perspectives and strategies for individuals and families navigating the emotional challenges associated with CoHD.

Episode 6

 Transitioning to adult healthcare

In this installment of CoHD Explained, join Bec Peters, Transition Coordinator, as she sheds light on the important process of transitioning to adult healthcare for individuals with Childhood-onset Heart Disease (CoHD).

CoHD Explained for Clinicians

Episode 1

What is Congenital Heart Disease? – For clinicians

Discover the causes behind childhood-onset hear disease, and gain a deeper understanding of this condition, to assist you in providing greater support to your patients living with CoHD.

Episode 2

Heart conditions in infants and children – For clinicians

Dr. Eastaugh provides valuable information on understanding routine and regular management needs. He highlights key factors to ensure the best possible care for children with CoHD.

Episode 3

Contraception, Parenthood, and Pregnancy – For clinicians

Hear valuable information on preconception counseling, risk factors, and essential preparation. Produced by HeartKids, this video offers essential guidance for helping your patients navigate family planning with CoHD considerations.

Episode 4

CoHD patient mental health and wellbeing – For clinicians

Learn about the impact of CoHD on mental well-being, coping mechanisms, and strategies for maintaining psychological resilience. Gain practical insights for helping your patients manage stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as fostering overall mental wellness.

Episode 5

Supporting patients to transition to adult healthcare services – For clinicians

Gain insights into navigating the transition from pediatric to adult care, including practical tips for self-management and understanding the support available from healthcare services.

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