Jessica’s Story


Jessica, Heart Kid

Within minutes of being born, doctors discovered something wasn’t right. Jessica was quickly flown to Brisbane to be cared for. Jessica spent the first few months of her life in hospital because of her heart condition. Jessica would have 5 heart surgeries, 4 of which were open heart surgeries, by the time she was 4 years of age.

Recently, at the age of 25 Jessica underwent another operation – Pulmonary Valve Replacement for Severe Pulmonary Regurgitation. In the led-up Jessica became very unwell, very quickly. She had to stop working and struggled to do even basic daily activities/tasks. This time was extremely scary time for Jessica. She understood the risks involved, and quite frankly; that terrified her. Thankfully, the very complex surgery was a success.

The diagnosis has had an ongoing emotional and financial impact on the entire O’Connor family.

Jessica has grown into a caring, kind and loyal daughter, sister and friend. She is a hard worker and determined to live life to the fullest despite her cardiac condition.

Jessica is appreciative of HeartKids Australia and recognise the role they play. “HeartKids does a fantastic job in raising awareness for childhood heart disease, advocating for families who are impacted by childhood heart disease, and supporting those who are affected by childhood heart disease.” Jessica said.


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