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Resources and Information

Resources and Information
These resources can help you learn more about childhood heart disease and assist you to make informed life and lifestyle choices.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

CHD and COVID-19 (webpage)

Information on COVID-19 for people impacted by childhood heart disease, including general advice about vaccines.

Open - CHD and COVID-19 

General Resources

The Facts (PDF)

This fact sheet provides an overview of the different types of childhood heart disease, looking at some key facts and statistics.

Download - The Facts (PDF)

Causes (PDF)

Most cases of congenital heart defects have no known cause. Some of the known causes include genetics and environmental factors related to maternal health.

Download - Causes (PDF) 

For Parents and Carers

New diagnosis (PDF)

This fact sheet contains general information about CHD, how to manage a new diagnosis and information on how to access more support if you need it.

Download - New Diagnosis (PDF)

How HeartKids can support you (PDF)

This brochure explains some of the support and services HeartKids provides to individuals and families in and out of hospital.

Download - How HeartKids Can Support You (PDF)

Starting school (PDF)

This fact sheet provides information and tips to help you identify and meet any challenges when your child is starting school.


The Kelly Family's Story (Video)

Poppy and her mum Jess share some details of their journey, as well as some advice for other families and young heart kids.

Watch video - The Kelly Family (YouTube) 

For Young People and Adults

Growing up with a heart condition (PDF)

Information on the different stages of transition and how to manage a heart condition during this time.

Download - Growing Up (PDF)

Sexual health and pregnancy (PDF)

Information on sex, contraception, pregnancy and family planning for people with congenital heart disease.

Download - Sex and Pregnancy (PDF)

Alcohol and energy drinks (PDF)

Information to help young people with CHD make informed choices about alcohol and energy drinks.

Download - Alcohol (PDF)

Exercise (PDF)

Almost everyone with CHD can benefit from exercise but it is important to speak to your doctor so that you can do it in a way that is safe and beneficial for you.

Download - Exercise (PDF)

Immunisation (PDF)

Some young people with heart conditions may need to be extra vigilant about flu shots and other preventative vaccines that are not on the standard immunisation schedule.

Download - Immunisation (PDF)

Privacy in health care (PDF)

The information in this fact sheet explains how and why you are entitled to confidential health care.

Download - Privacy (PDF)  

Travel and travel insurance (PDF)

Information on preparing for travel and trips when you have a heart condition, including tips for travel insurance.

Download - Travel (PDF)

Adulthood with your heart condition (PDF)

It is important to maintain ongoing care for your heart disease in adulthood. This fact sheet outlines some key considerations for adults.

Download - Adulthood (PDF)

Transition stories: Kennedy Cherrington

Kennedy Cherrington is an NRLW player and a heart kid. Learn about Kennedy's journey to managing her life and heart condition independently, and what advice she has for other young heart kids.

Watch - Kennedy Cherrington (YouTube) 

For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

Davina and Paul's Story (PDF)

Davina Quartermaine talks about her family's journey with grandson Paul.

Download - Davina and Paul's Story (PDF) 

Mahli-May and the Mooney Family's Story (PDF)

Clinton and Monique Mooney talk about their family's journey with daughter Mahli-May.

Download - Mahli-May's Story (PDF)