Tania’s Story


Tania, Heart Kid 

I was diagnosed with congenital heart disease in utero. The chances of survival were less than 2%. Within my first 6 months I had 3 heart surgeries, suffered a stroke and have since needed a permanent pacemaker. I needed assistance to bring my learning up to speed. After defying the odds, I was determined to live my best life.

As an adult, I have graduated from The University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Business and Commerce, majoring in Hospitality and Event Management.  My passion for travel and culture lead me to work at Walt Disney World in Orlando, USA. During this time, I gained insight into my life’s purpose and my desire to inspire and make a difference to others. 

This led to the launch of my business, Benchmark Events and Travel, which also runs Themed Virtual Parties, where we make a bear-friend. I have decided to create awareness through promoting Super Boss Day. The contribution of a small superhero bear can bring happiness to a little boy or girl undergoing heart surgery. I am proud to be an ambassador for HeartKids and opening up our world to the wider community.

– Written by Tania Mastroianni


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