HeartKids Videos

CoHD Real Talk

Join us for our video series which shares heartfelt insight on living with Childhood onset Heart Disease (CoHD).

Living with CoHD can often feel isolating, but within the CoHD community, many individuals encounter similar challenges and experiences. In this video series, you’ll hear from adults, young people, parents, and siblings who generously share their unique perspectives.

CoHD Real Talk delves into the complexities, thoughts, and emotions of people’s individual CoHD experiences, capturing the highs, lows, and everything in between.

We hope you enjoy this insightful series, made possible by those with lived experience in our diverse HeartKids community.

CoHD Explained

Join experienced medical professionals as they take you through essential information about navigating life with CoHD.

CoHD Explained dives into information about diagnosis, transition, mental health, pregnancy and surgery and is a must-watch for families and individuals living with CoHD. We hope you enjoy this insightful series.

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