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CHD and Excersise Fact Sheet Image

To learn more about Congenital Heart Disease and Exercise click here.

CHD Diagnosis Facts

To learn more about Congenital Heart Disease in Australia click here.

CHD Causes

To learn more about the causes of Congenital Heart Disease click here.

CHD Diagnosis

To learn more about the process of diagnosis and how and when this might happen click here.

CHD Young People

To learn more about the common challenges that young people may face in managing their heart condition click here.


To learn about key issues that young people face you will find a range of fact sheets here.

CHD Adults

To learn more about common challenges faced by adults living with congenital heart disease click here. 

CHD Adults Sexual Health and Pregnancy v2

To learn about things to be aware of as you consider commencing a sexual relationship click here

HK General Fact Sheet

HeartKids - how can we help you? Click here.


Thank you to Actelion for supporting the development of these fact sheets. 


Actelion has supported the development of these factsheet for educational purposes, with no influence on the clinical content.