Leave a gift in your Will

Leaving a gift or bequest in your will is a very generous and important way to make a positive difference to the future of families affected by childhood heart disease.

Bequests ensure that we are able to continue supporting Aussie kids and their families from now and into the future, as well as help us advocate for better government policies and create greater awareness of congenital / childhood heart disease, the single biggest killer of Australian kids under the age of one.

What is a ‘Bequest’?

A bequest is a gift in your will which can be a gift of property or cash. Bequests may be made to individuals, companies or organisations including charities.

Many Australians leave a charitable gift in their will, once family and friends have been provided for. You might be surprised at how much your estate is worth when you tally the estimates of your assets and liabilities. Even a small percentage of your estate can make an enormous difference to the lives of those affected by congenital \ childhood heart disease.

What type of gift can I leave in my will for Heartkids?

There are three main ways to leave a bequest in your will. Your solicitor or financial advisor can advise you on the best way for you:

  • Residuary gift – this means leaving the remainder (or percentage thereof) of your estate to HeartKids after family, friends and other beneficiaries have adequately been provided for

  • Fixed sum of money gift – also known as a pecuniary bequest this gift is in the form of a specified cash amount, for e.g. $25,000.

  • A fixed specific gift – a gift in the form of other property such as: shares, vehicles, boats or item of jewellery

For more info on leaving a bequest please email us on office@heartkids.org.au or call us on (02) 9460 7450.