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Finding out that your child or unborn baby has a heart condition can be overwhelming.

Many cases of congenital heart disease are diagnosed before a baby is born during an ultrasound scan in pregnancy. In some babies heart problems will be detected after birth, and some kinds of congenital heart disease are mild and may not be diagnosed in infancy. In most cases, the cause of congenital heart disease is unknown.

HeartKids provides support for parents of children with congenital heart disease in many different ways. From high quality information and in-hospital support to family events that help you to meet other parents in a similar situation - HeartKids is here to guide you on your journey.

HeartKids provides a number of different in-hospital support services such as our Care Bags and Heart Beads programs.

Visit our Support and Information pages for more information on how we can guide you through your journey, or call our HeartKids Helpline on 1800 432 785 to speak to someone to point you in the right direction.